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Wands are one of the most wonderful ritual tools in a Wiccan/Witch's repetoire. It is also really one of the few ritual tools we can easily create ourselves, making them as complicated or simple as we like.

. I will discuss the different mediums you can use and also talk about the Celtic meanings for some common woods used to make wands.

Once we figure out the base of the wand, we will then discuss preparing your piece, as well as different methods of staining and sealing (if this is what you want). We will then talk about the different ways of embellishing your wand with different types of gemstones, as well as mounting points to the tip of your wand.

Finally, we will discuss different scripts, including Runic, Theban and bindrunes, as well as other symbols that can add more significant meaning to your wand, from sacred words to your own secret magical name.

There is nothing more satisfying than creating your own sacred ritual tools. This is an easy and fun way to put your personal energy into your spiritual workings.

As usual, the donation bucket will be out and there will be an awesome door prize.


Urban Crone