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Calling all motivated people that interested in investing or anyone in real estate as a investor, agent, or if your new to real estate investing and want to hangout with like minded individuals to discuss real estate techniques that may help you achieve, accomplish & grow your real estate business!

We offer several house tours each month for you to examine and learn how we do a flip, come as often as you like, there is no charge, learn where we found the property, how we funded the deal, see how we decided on the exit strategy and what the projected profit will be. All are welcome to come.

Our group provides a structured environment for people to create and build real estate investing businesses. Whether you are just getting started as a business owner or investor, or you are an experienced investor looking to expand your business, we can help. Real estate investing is a team sport. It makes an enormous difference when the people on the team speak the same language and share an ethos of integrity, cooperation, ongoing growth and development, and community

Come, invest one hour to see house tour and network with some of our members. Who knows, you may even like us. And there is no cost for attending our events.

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ONLINE Property Tour - 3 properties

please text : ONLINE TOUR (276) 299 - 0507 and we'll send you the link.

Come and check our one of our team’s rehab project. You can join via zoom, we will stream it at the event. At our Real Deal Tour, you will be able to walk through a real fix and flip project our team is currently working on. Learn how this property was acquired, what exit strategies are in place and how the deal analyzed. NO COST for you!! You can learn good information about rehab deals. If you are interested to be successful Real Estate Investor and start to create massive income in Real Estate, you don’t miss it! If you are interested to attend please text : ONLINE TOUR (276) 299 - 0507 and we'll send you the link.

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Live Property Tour

please text : DEAL TOUR (276) 299 - 0507 for details

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