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Bringing to you courses in Angelic and Spiritual Awareness, Second Sunday Healing Circles, KaranAngel Healing Techniques, massage, meditation and more!

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Full Moon Shamanic Journey



Experience healing where heaven kisses earth. Join us as Lynda Bianchini, aka Akasha NohAta, certified shamanic practitioner and breathwork facilitator returns to lead us in a healing journey to help us clear Ancestral Timelines and Energetic Imprints during the full moon vibration. A natural healer, Lynda uses her expertise and training to help individuals clear negative vibrations using ancient wisdoms. (We learned we carry no less than 13 generations of memory in our cells during Pranic Healing training.) Private sessions with Lynda include activating dormant strands of DNA (aka connecting with the true soul and higher self), releasing what is not in your highest truth, and igniting realizations of soul purpose. This is done as an interactive partnership with the client, and is not the type of healing where you walk in, let the facilitator work on you, and walk out. You participate with Lynda, who communicates with your angels, guides, ancestors and star beings throughout your session to help a true clearing of the mind, body and soul take place. The purpose is to move you to the next level of your spiritual and physical paths. We are blessed to have Lynda back. She will begin by explaining the work, lead us in a shamanic journey and help us clear our energy. We will finish with a short Q&A session. Space fills quickly, please RSVP early. To secure your place, please pay here: https://www.karanangelshop.com/product-page/winter-solstice-healing-with-akasha-nohata

Kabbalah I



Kabbalah, ancient Jewish mysticism, is a course that has the ability to change your life. Kabbalah is a commitment, and the class closes to newcomers after the first one. If you are new and want to join in, please contact me.

Advanced Kaballah



This set of advanced Kabbalah is open to anyone who has taken a full course of Kabbalah so far. We will be exploring personal karma and past life vibrations as Kabbalists. Each week will be a different regression which will correspond to the sephira of that week. 10 sessions, $22/session.

Aura Cleanse and Angelic Messages



Join us for your choice of an Aura Cleanse or Angelic Messages Join us for a full on auric cleansing where we will “comb” your energy field, removing negativity, dis-ease, and possibly adding peace, comfort, and an increasing sense of well-being. We also will offer as an add-on a chakra rejuvenation where your energy centers get a bit of a pick-me-up. Perfect for battling the winter drearies. Offered by advanced pranic healers. Cleanse only $10 Cleanse plus Chakra Rejuvenation $15 Angelic Messages: What does your angel want you to know? This 10 minute mini-session will detail how your angel is working wiht you and what is most important for you to understand at this time. Offered by Karan No appointment needed just stop on by.

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Healer Class I - Meditation and Mindfulness



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