KarlsruheJS September 2019

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Amalienbadstraße 41d · Karlsruhe

How to find us

Make sure you check the address! ETECTURE offices moved to a new location: Amalienbadstraße 41d, 76227 Karlsruhe

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Call for speakers 📣, send us your abstract to [masked] or contact us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/karlsruhejs).


19:00: Intro by KarlsruheJS Team

19:15: Managing application state with statecharts by Mikey Stengel (https://twitter.com/codingdive)

Is your app growing in complexity and you write tons of conditional logic that is hard to read, write and maintain?

In the past, many state management tools have been introduced to deal with a set of problems while always creating some problems on their own. We can address many, if not all the issues by using statecharts instead.

By introducing you to statecharts, you'll learn how to model your application state in a way that reduces the number of bugs, makes refactoring easier and turns testing into a blissful experience.
Among other things, you'll see how to turn the statecharts in your code from a JSON representation into an actual graph that visualizes all the possible application states and state transitions. On top of being able to spot bugs more easily, the visualized graph can also be a valuable asset when communicating with designers or other non technical people in your project.

19:45: 🍻 & 🍕

20:30: A (terrible) introduction to Next.js by Kahlil Lechelt (http://twitter.com/kahliltweets)

You (indirectly) asked for it, you got it! In this talk we'll cover what Next.js is, why Next.js is and how it works.

21:00 - 22:00: Hangout


This meetup is sponsored and hosted by our friends at ETECTURE (https://www.etecture.de)