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Karma Clearing is one of the most important things you can do to raise your Light and Vibration levels, further your Spiritual walk, and make your life easier. Karma will interfere with relationships, (Love, family, friends and business), advancement in work and monetary issues, to name a few areas.

In our Karmic Clearing classes you will effectively clear your Karmic debt with the souls that are incarnate with you in this lifetime, (Your Soul Group), as well as any karmic debt brought forward into this lifetime from past lifetimes with these souls, and further Karmic Debt accrued currently in this life with them. We have also been successful in clearing Karmic debt that seems to cause allergies, phobias and other situations.

In Other Words: All Karmic debt, incurred in the NOW and Karmic debt brought forward from past lives with/from another individual, is released with that individual you are working on, who is currently in your life.

Our classes are designed to be extremely effective for the advanced soul, one that is well along their Spiritual walk, Lightworker, Healer,(in all modalities), as well as the beginner who has just realized an awakening to their Spirituality. Each person in class is working on themselves only and is able to go at the pace THEY need for Karmic Debt release.

Classes are held in a safe and comforting space, as are the spiritually mature people who facilitate these classes. Rev LizAnn facilitates the sessions, with help from Nancee, Rev Barbara and Cliff. We all have experience with communication to the Divine level of Masters and the Angelic Realm, and know how to control and guide so your experiences will be good. Rev LizAnn was directed by Divine Masters and Karmic Lords to make these classes available here in the Metro DC area.

It has been suggested by The Masters that a minimum of 4 class sessions should be undertaken. This will clear Karma between you and 32 or more Souls in your life that have affected Karmic Debt on you. Each class clears Karma from 8 to 15 people in your life; you will feel the ripple effect from this and the people you clear will also experience some healing from your work.

Classes run 7 to 9:30PM, Mondays in Rockville, Wednesdays in Silver Spring. You may attend either location as is convenient for you each week, but you must sign onto the proper sign up on Meet Up. There is plentiful, safe parking available at both locations. These classes are on-going; we started in Aug 2011 and have run continuously.

One class is $25. A series of 4- 2 ½ hour classes is $80 ($20 per class). Please speak to me if you will be missing a class out of a session. We accept cash, credit card, Paypal, check.

If you have further questions, please call Rev. LizAnn, 301-825-5724, or email at LizAnn@celticflame.org

I look forward to working with you on this. Blessings, Light and Love to you.

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