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Heart Sutra Practice
The Heart Sutra is one of the most well-known and revered texts of all of Buddhism. The text deals with shunyata, or emptiness, and it is from the Heart Sutra that the Bodhisattva, Avalokiteshvara, utters the famous lines: "Form is emptiness. Emptiness is form." Emptiness is a difficult concept to understand, as many equate it to nothingness. But just as planets, stars, asteroids and comets fly through the "emptiness" of space, so too our thoughts, our emotions, and our experience of conditioned existence, emerge from the "emptiness" of our minds. It is this emptiness, shunyata, that is our minds’ natural state, before we knew words, before we knew concepts, before we were conditioned by the cycle of death and rebirth. Join us as we clear our minds and connect with the heart essence of timeless awareness!

Greater Avenues, Salt Lake City, UT

Greater Avenues, Salt Lake City, UT · Salt Lake City, Ut

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Welcome to Katog Jana Ling: the place of peace and wilderness.

The Sangha Katog Jana Ling is in the heart of Salt Lake City. It is under the direction of Khentrul Lodro Thaye Rinpoche. He directs the education and spiritual practice for Katog Mardo Tashi Choling for over 300 hundred monks, advanced-degree candidates, full time retreatants, families and children in Eastern Tibet, as well as for students in Sanghas located in the United States and abroad.

Katog Jana Ling has a dedicated shrine room and meets regularly. Information about Khentrul Lodro Thaye Rinpoche and local practice are provided at .

Mary Eileen and Sue Evans are the local coordinators. They can be reached at 801-597-4930, or or

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