We'll launch from Chickahominy riverfront park in Williamsburg and paddle up and down Morris Creek across of the Chickahominy River. Morris Creek is one of the most beautiful areas in Virginia according to Andrea Nolan in her book "Sea Kayaking Virginia".

We should see some fall colors this time of the year.

I want to make this a weekend event, with camping at the Chickahominy riverfront park as you wish, starting Friday night through Sunday. We'll paddle Gordon Creek on Sunday, and the trips can be attended separately.

More details follow.
10/4/12: Here's a detail. The general rule is that if the combined water and air temperatures fall below 120F, you should wear a wet suit or dry suit (i.e. be dressed for immersion). I don't expect the water to be below 60, but if we have a cold day, and you were already thinking about getting a wet suit, go get one for this event. Even a little surf wet suit from Dick's helps keeping your warm (although some people don't like the short sleeves for paddling).

We are planning on eating/getting together on Saturday night. We'll see which site is most suitable. I know a few people who will bring equipment that can be shared (stoves, grill, pots, percolator, utensils, some coolers etc.) so don't worry if you don't have everything a camper usually needs. Some extra chairs are probably handy too.

It would be great if everyone brought some food/drink items that can be shared, whether it's chips, drinks, fruit, crackers, cheese, tea, coffee, eggs, whatever. Preparing for sharing like this creates a great group sense (as opposed to everyone needing to run off to their tents to fill their stomachs). However, this is not a must, of course. Some people have suggested to share a pasta dish or so, but that seems too hard to organize for the group as a whole. I suggest to do it in smaller groups, or bring "flexible" meals that can be prepared and eaten anywhere.

Let me know if you have any questions. I am planning to set up Friday early in the afternoon as well, and probably start paddling around soon. I look very much forward to the weekend, and it looks like it's going to be a success.

Make sure you bring meals that you can take along in your kayak during the day.

Update 10/15/12:

Here's the idea about the dinner together and food sharing: I hope that we all get together as one group, best site to be determined, to enjoy our evening meal and a campfire, circle, chairs, instruments even? Several people have enough gear (stoves, grill, pots, etc) for sharing equipment. Someone is bringing two crockpots. Organizing one meal for everyone seems hard to do, so I suggested to coordinate with others about cooking something together. But I also asked everyone to bring something to share with the entire group, something for breakfast, when we come back from a paddle, dinner, or the evening, like soup, boiled eggs, bread, PB&J, nuts, chips, salsa, chili, beer, wine, or whatever.

For example, I'll probably bring some frozen meat or fish (grill) and some veggie for my dinner, and some extra coffee, wine, maybe chili (for my breakfast too) to share. And then I am going to look around what others brought to share and try some of that :-)

The forecast right now is that it will rain FRI afternoon and evening, even with a T-storm between 10pm & 3am. But SAT should be better with temps up to 74, but still some chance of rain. SUN should be fine. So, be prepared for some rain, and nights into the lower 50's.

I paddled yesterday in 74F but a bit breezy and cooler water, and used a simple shorty from Dick's which kept me perfectly warm and was comfortable enough:

Note for the people who are joining us for the day:
Everyone can launch from our site (R25W). You need to drive by and drop off your equipment, then park your car in the field. We probably won't actually launch until about 9:30 am. Please feel free to visit us anytime.

If you choose to, you can also launch near the bridge and paddle up to our site, which is about 100 yards up on the Chickahominy River to the right. If you are running late, please try a call or text to 757-88zero-9zero1zero.