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Meditation has so many benefits for those looking to calm the mind of it's day-to-day worries and recover a deeper connection with our true selves. Each day, we start fresh, like the Sun...and each day, we face different challenges which can easily over-shadow our brightness, without having the tools to relax the mind when it encounters these stresses.

If we can stretch the body, calm the mind, and find just a few moments to be still, listen to the voice within...then we can find everything we need to start building a happier, healthier, more peaceful life...Now, rather than later.

If you are new to meditation, or someone with a lot of experience, I hope you will join us for our Saturday Energy Meditation Circle Meetup. At this meetup, you will experience:



~Breathing exercises


~Music Meditation

~Sensing/Awakening Life Energy for Increased Vitality ("chi" or "ki")

~Principles of Energy Management, Books on Meditation

...as well as meeting other people with the same goal in mind: to find peace within, by taking the precious time to connect mind and body, and activate the body's inherent potential to heal itself through meditation and breathing.

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