Webinar: "Networking for Introverts" by Rebeca Gelencser

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Hello KeepCoder!

July the 3rd @ 19:00 (Spain time), Rebeca Gelencser, executive Coach & Fintech Recruiter from http://getabulletproofresume.com/, will be giving a webinar: Networking for Introverts.

Topics covered will be:

Givers & Takers
Being the first to give
Asking for favours
Studying your targets
Compelling people to help you
“Friendking” & “Giverish” concepts
Selling as “Givers” versus “Takers”
Selling through unmet needs
Selling through vulnerability
Questions & Answers

Who is Rebeca: Rebeca is an Executive Coach & Fintech Recruiter who has helped outliers find career opportunities in some of the most innovative job markets of the world, like Silicon Valley and Switzerland.She has a vast international education and experience, she is fluent in four languages and has worked in Latin America, in Europe, in Asia and in North America. Her focus in the Fintech industry has given her a leading edge in the international recruitment industry. She is also a well known Public Speaker and Author seasoned in Skillful Influence and Professional Persuasion. As a Networking Specialist, she concentrates in inclusiveness and diversity and developed a clear focus on Personal Branding strategies. Her clients are tech startups, executives and entrepreneurs. She is seasoned in the private and non-profit sector, she has worked at the United Nations and managed a team of up to 10 people. Rebeca holds a bachelor in International Relations from the University Centre of Brasilia, Brazil; a Master in Humanitarian Action from the University of Geneva, Switzerland; and is Certified in Human Resources Management from the University of California, Berkeley. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her 6 year old boy and is very engaged in her local expat community.

*You will be able to follow the event remotely in this link http://bit.ly/NetworkingForIntrovertsKCMU .*

See you soon!