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How We Profit From Internet Marketing And How You Can Too
• What we'll do You will meet people, marketers and business owners looking to expand perspective of what's possible with business and the internet. • What to bring • Important to know

Moxies Classic Grill

1730 Cooper Road · Kelowna, BC

What we're about

There's something out there full of BILLIONS of people who are ready and EAGER to hear about your products, yours service and yours business.

Yes, that's right... It's called the internet.

And your role as a business owner is the connect your potential customers with your message so they can eventually buy something from you and if it's off the internet, they can essentially buy while you're sleeping.

This may not happen in the blink of an eye and there are some important things one must learn before setting up an internet marketing campaign.

At the "Kelowna Learn Internet Marketing Meetup" you can learn what you MUST know before setting up an internet marketing campaign for your business.

Sometimes we do a live webinar presentation in front of an online audience teaching specific strategies to help run an online campaign for any business.

There is no charge to this event and you'll have a chance to ask questions and network with other entrepreneurs that attend this meet up live.

There's enough room to comfortably fit about 10 people so we'd like to keep the spots to about 10. If you'd like one of these spots remember to RSVP as soon as possible but I can't guarantee that you'll get a spot.

The reason I'm putting together this Meetup is because I've been professionally doing internet marketing for 5 years now and if there's one thing I've learned it's that, it's amazing the amount of people you can meet and the relationships you can gain within the click of a button.

Here is an opportunity for new relationships to made both locally and virtually within the click of a button. Now go ahead RSVP and we'll get you in for the first one.

BTW... This event is pretty casual, wear what you want and remember to get a tea and some goodies from the front counter on your way to presentation room located at the back of the coffee shop.

See you there!

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