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Are you looking for good group of female friends to do interesting stuff with on a regular basis? Are you new to Kent? Or maybe you want to meet new & interesting people & expand your social circle? Do you like trying different things? Despite the name, we're not ageist nor is the group membership decided by status.

We've been going strong for ten years and pride ourselves as one of the longest established social groups on MeetUp in Kent. Our wide range of regular events to suit all budgets & lifestyles include meals out, cocktails, live music, coffee & chat, afternoon teas, walks, the movies, lunches, comedy, plus we are always open to new suggestions so if there's something you fancy doing just let us know and we will help make it happen. We're a friendly group of girls wanting to have some fun!


You are female and include an easily recognisable clear photo of just yourself and clearly state your first name on your profile. This is for everyone's safety and means we know how to greet you and can look out for you at events too.

Your location on your Profile is in Kent where you reside and that you are contactable by email.

We encourage all new members to become active and regular participants of KGiRls Events and kindly ask you to always be courteous, considerate & respectful in your behaviour both online & at events.

IMPORTANT REQUIREMENTS RE YOUR ATTENDANCE: If anything changes and you can no longer attend an event, just update your response. It helps hosts prepare (and it's polite). Thanks Girls.

We are all individually responsible for updating and managing our own RSVPS and attendance at our earliest opportunity. Places are often limited too, so at least 48 hours notice prior to the event, to avoid any unfair impact on other members waiting for a place and/or the Event Host and Venue, is appreciated. ...Any inconsiderate or lazy management of RSVPs or attendance will not be tolerated and will result in permanent removal from the Group.

Each member can view their own attendance record at the bottom their own KGiRls Profile . There you can check your own past RSVP and Attendance History as well as future commitments making it simple to manage your own diary with ease and consideration to others.


Put simply, if you want to remain in KGiRls, please take an active part and use it or the risk is you may lose it!

This is because KGiRls is very popular often with a long waiting list of applicants to join. Therefore, it is necessary to remove inactive members, including those who haven’t regularly attended our events, to free up places for those applicants patiently waiting to join. Our priority and policy is to our active loyal members first together with providing sufficient new openings for new members to join.

These steps are essential in order to ensure the continued smooth running and ethos of Group so it remains a manageable size with fair and equal opportunity to all for availability of places, whenever possible, on our many popular events.

Those of us who regularly attend events not only understand this, but also appreciate all the many benefits that come with it such as the positive input new members bring to the table together with being able to secure a confirmed place, the majority of the time, on the events we wish to attend, that would otherwise prove increasingly difficult, continually over subscribed and so counter productive for every member.

Please note we are unable to reconsider re-applications from previous members for a minimum of six months or longer.

MAINTAINING OUR POSITIVE ETHOS: The Organisers also reserve the right to decline any applications or remove and ban permanently from the Group, members whom they feel do not support and/or fit our ethos or values.

MEET UP FEES: Kent Girls is run for fun, not for profit! All we ask for is a £1 fee per meet to help cover costs for running the Group, e.g. the fees charged by 'Meet Up' inc VAT that the Organiser has to pay to them for use of this website every six months in advance. If there is money left in the kitty after expenses, then we put it back into the Group.

We look forward to welcoming you and hope you will have a lot of fun, make some great friendships and continue to do so, as many of us have for years to come at KGiRls!

Thank You, Girls, from all the Organisers of KGiRls.

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