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Are you looking for good group of female friends to do interesting stuff with on a regular basis? Are you new to Kent? Or maybe you want to meet new & interesting people & expand your social circle? Do you like trying different things? Despite the name, we're not ageist nor is the group membership decided by status.

We pride ourselves as one of the longest established social groups on MeetUp in Kent. We've been going strong for over eight years & have a wide range of regular events to suit all budgets & lifestyles from meals out, cocktails, live music, afternoon teas, walks, movie nights, lunches, comedy, meeting for coffee & chat, doggy walks & anything else that takes your fancy! Always open to new suggestions so if there's something you fancy doing just let us know and we will help make it happen. We're a friendly group of girls wanting to have some fun!


You are female.

Your profile includes an easily recognisable clear photo of just yourself and clearly states your first name. This is for everyone's safety and means we know how to greet you and can look out for you at events too.

Your location on your Profile is in Kent where you reside and are contactable by email.

You become an active member of KGiRls upon joining & regularly attend our Events.

You are courteous, considerate and respectful in your behaviour both online & at events.

You agree to read, accept and adher to all the Event and Attendance Requirements as posted on events you sign up to and to keep track, manage and always update your own RSVP & attendance commitments in accordance with these. To ensure limited number events are fully utilised and remain fair to members priority of available places is given to those who maintain a proven reliable attendance record in line with the Event and Group Attendance Criteria. ...Each member has their own attendance record. This can be found at the bottom of each member's own KGiRls Profile where you can check your own past RSVP and Attendance History as well as future commitments

Any member who lacks full consideration and regard for other members when managing their attendance and that of their guests will be removed from the Group. How you, as a member manage your RSVP and attendance impacts on everyone especially as we are a large group with often only a limited number of places available. ...For instance any member who No Shows, pulls out at short notice, &/or signs up to but then repeatedly pulls out on their event commitments impacts negatively on others as this deprives others of places at events they would have liked to attend given fair opportunity &/or enough notice as well as leaving venues with empty places and wastes even more of the valuable time of already busy organisers who willingly give up their time for free. Furthermore, when this is without full regard to others it is not acceptable or fair to the Group as a whole.

The Organisers reserve the right to decline any applications or remove members that they feel do not support and or fit our ethos or values.


IN SUMMARY: As one of the longest established social groups on Meet Up in Kent we have continued to grow and flourish based on our proven track record of being a welcoming, friendly, courteous, member led group for ladies living in Kent from all backgrounds.

Being a member of KGiRls is an opportunity to access, participate and benefit, not an entitlement and we are renowned for our long standing warm friendly relaxed positive atmosphere, which is down to all our members playing their part in actively engaging with each other in a positive friendly way so that we continue to always remain friendly and welcoming to all, by all. Our members enjoy having fun together at our events but also understand the importance too of being mindful and considerate of others when managing their RSVPing and Attendance of such events including any of their plus one or more guests too. This supports our ethos and member led environment which is highly valued by our newer and long standing members alike. ... Our Leadership Team actively support our members in this philosophy by continually reviewing and removing those members who, for whatever reason, (i) do not become regular attendees, (ii) don't manage their RSVPs considerately, (iii) &/or don't fit our ethos. These steps are essential to ensure that KGiRls continues to be an active group of a manageable size with openings for new members to join and keeps sufficient available places, whenever possible, on our many popular events that provide a warm friendly environment for all members to enjoy.

MEET UP FEES: Kent Girls is run for fun, not for profit! All we ask for is a £1 fee per meet to help cover costs for running the Group, e.g. the fees charged by 'Meet Up' that the Organiser has to pay to them for use of this website every six months in advance. If there is money left in the kitty after expenses, then we put it back into the Group.

We look forward to welcoming you and hope you will have a lot of fun, make some great friendships and continue to do so, as many of us have for years to come at KGiRls!

Thank You, Girls, from all the Organisers of KGiRls.

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