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Heartland Jedi Information on the Heartland Jedi Order What we are and what we are not: The Heartland Jedi Order is not a costuming, role playing or LARPing group. Our focus is on Jedi Realism. What does that mean? A Jedi Realist is one who has taken the philosophical ideal of the Jedi Knight, exemplified in the Star Wars fiction and endeavors to apply it to their real world life. This does not mean we try to recreate the fiction, only the philosophy shown to us in it. For example, a Jedi Realist understands that he or she cannot swing around light sabers, they do not exist; but they can train in martial arts and sword techniques that do exist. A Jedi Realist understands that we cannot move things with our minds, but though meditation and training we can gain a greater understanding of ourselves. (That is not to say that the force powers shown in the films are outside human potential.) The Heartland Jedi Order is not a religion. While there is a framework for a religion in the fiction, the Heartland order does not seek to evangelize and draw people away from other religions. The Jedi archetype can supplement any religion. “The Force” is a broad enough term to encompass any number of spiritual mysteries. The Heartland Jedi Order is most like a modern order of knighthood, only this one is not faith based, but service based. It is said historically that only one person in a thousand is skilled enough to be a knight. This is not a path for everyone. It is one of constant learning, practice and service. Do not expect to have a lot of free time when you choose to be a Heartland Knight. A Heartland Knight seeks to serve their community as a resource for any number of eventualities. A Knight of the Heartland order is one who has taken on the ideal portrayed in the films. Guardianship, charity, service, fitness, learning and spiritual connection are the tenants of the order. Our standards are geared toward the development of these virtues in a real world.

Heartland Jedi now has two chapters, the original servicing Kentucky, Upper Mid-West Tennessee, Lower Illinois & Indiana, Lower East Missouri, and Upper East Arkansas under Andy and Mitchell. The new chapter services the Blue Ridge area under Alethea.

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