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Maintain Don't Gain Holiday Challenge

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We all know that Thanksgiving signals the opening day of a season of overeating, stress and inactivity. Unfortunately, the season does not end until well after we ring in the New Year.

For many Divas this also means unwanted weight gain. If you have been trying to lose weight before the holidays, it is especially hard to continue to do so once the Holidays arrive.

Therefore, the challenge is to try to maintain weight and not gain any during the weeks from Thanksgiving until after the first of the year.

This year, make a promise to yourself to enjoy the holiday season with a higher level of energy while maintaining your weight and healthy lifestyle!

So I have a NEW CHALLENGE: The Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge– November 20, 2013 until January 08,2013!!!!

What do you have to do for the challenge? Just a couple of Dos and Don’ts…

DO Exercise at least 30 minutes per day or 210 minutes per week
DO Eat 1 cup of fruit and/or veggies per day
DO Eat breakfast daily

Do NOT eat more than 1 serving of sweets/dessert per day

Do NOT skip meals

Do NOT drink more than 1 alcoholic beverage per day

Join the Maintain Don’t Gain challenge on the Eat Smart, Move More website: (Registering on their site allows you to receive the free weekly newsletter containing tips and healthy recipes from the Eat Smart, Move More North Carolina program)

Earn up to 120 points!!! By following the simple dos and don'ts!

Track your progress with the tracking worksheet (

Turn your worksheet in at the end of the challenge and become eligible for special savings!