What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in learning more about a Keto lifestyle, wishing to share their personal experience on Keto with other fellow Ketonians, or looking for ways to lose weight, improve health, control blood sugars, control appetite, balance hormone levels, and much more.

The Ketogenic diet is a new diet that has exploded in recent years due to its tremendous success in helping people not only lose weight, but even treat various chronic diseases and/or disorders such as epilepsy, Type II diabetes, hormone imbalances, infertility issues, and much more.

In this group, we meet biweekly over food and drink to learn from each other, and we occasionally have events with keynote speakers that are experts in the Ketogenic field.

People that are following a low carb diet, and not necessarily strict Keto, are also welcome.

Keep in mind there is a small $10 annual membership fee that is due within 30 days of joining.

Membership funds are used for:
- Healthy and keto approved snacks during meetups
- Event space and fees for keynote speaking events, biweekly meetups, and conferences
- Monthly fees charged by Meetup
- Weekly free-entry raffles

Additional donations are always appreciated and are used to enhance the quality of this Meetup for all.

Past events (4)

Keto and Insulin Resistance (Southeast meetup)

Mesa Main Public Library, Saguro room # 123

Keto and Insulin Resistance (Northwest meetup)

Juniper Library

Keto Social Meet and Greet

Panera Bread

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