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This group is under new management and is here to support an overall healthy lifestyle of eating - which for many includes (or may want to include) Keto and Intermittent Fasting (IF).

Fasting as a health principle has been around throughout history. There is also a large body of more recent science pointing to the benefits of fasting and autophagy (https://blog.bulletproof.com/autophagy-for-longevity-detoxification/)for healing, cell renewal and anti-aging (not to mention the super effects for weight loss and controlling/reversing diabetes and metabolic disorders).

This group will lean heavily on the work of Dr. Jason Fung and the hormonal (mainly insulin) theory of weight gain. Please review Dr. Fung's YouTube video and some of his IDM blog posts before joining this group to see if this is of interest to you. We are here to study and implement this work, but not debate it.

Dr. Jason Fung - 'Therapeutic Fasting - Solving the Two-Compartment Problem'


Intensive Dietary Management (IDM) Blog


Many people who use intermittent fasting find it easier to get started if they are first on a keto-style diet. You may encounter many discussions about meat, bacon, avocados, and butter in this group. This eating method is not required but you must be respectful of it. Likewise, meat-based eaters must be respectful of our vegetarian / vegan friends. We're all in this together, and no single plan works for everyone (but maybe we can all agree that refined vegetable oils are almost all bad...awful junk...usually rancid...ick poo).

There is currently a lot of interest in Keto and IF for athletes. I would love to hear what is working for you. Exercise is promoted for general health, fun or stress reduction. I may indulge a little bit more doing CrossFit and Spartan obstacle races.

This is free group, founded on the principles of sharing, creating community, learning and helping others. No membership fees are collected. No commercial posts are allowed without permission from the moderator. The best "payment" to your community would be to adopt and model good habits, and then reach out to "pay it forward" to others by sharing the information about what helped you. There are too many people who are sick, overweight and struggling. Let's help ourselves, and then stretch to help a few others along the way too.

Before starting any new way of eating (or not eating), it's important that you check with your doctor and know what is right for you. Fasting can create profound changes in your body, and you may need professional help to monitor your situation (especially if you take prescription medications). No medical advice is offered or inferred from the information provided in this group.

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