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KBCT is for those who love to sweat. Those who workout to feel strong, to be confidently challenged, to feel sexy, focused and powerful. Which is exactly what KB’s do for me and what KBCT will do for Denver.

You need no skill set or fitness level of any kind to thrive with KBCT. I am an elite movement coach of over 7 years (see my bio) and my partner and I have owned a successful coaching and nutrition business for over 2 years. If you resonate with my philosophies but have little or no experience training with kettlebells, then I would like to thank you for giving my life purpose. Please come to KBCT and I will gladly show you the ropes!

What I love about KB’s is that I am never limited by my current physical conditions or even just how I feel on a particular day. I don't particularly enjoy feeling like a baby-giraffe-on-ice holding a PVC Pipe and a practice bar for months waiting for the day I will have developed the necessary flexibility and skills to even consider employing my strength. The beauty of KBCT is the alternative to an advanced movement while learning Kettlebell's isn't a PVC pipe, it’s just an alternative. We still sweat, we still get strong.

Without a balance of strategy and freedom in my workout routine, I tend to lose sight of why I am training in the first place. Then I self-impose expectations of what I ‘should’ be capable of and when. The truth is I thought I had to train this way to become strong and confident, but on this path, I felt continuously more disempowered. Apparently, the human body is much less predictable than the fitness industry would have us believe.

KBCT is a protected sanctuary for conscious movement, sweat, a place not only to fully engage with the strength available to us at that moment but to also feel empowered by it in real time and most importantly, a place to walk away from satisfied and feeling like a bad-ass….

As a member, nothing is expected of you except that you never apologize for yourself, because KBCT isn’t about what you will become, it’s about who you get to be when you are there.

As the leader of KBCT there is one commitment I swear to forever uphold; To be so focused on each of your strength, power, confidence, and potential that out of sheer tunnel vision I completely disregard any and all self-depreciating bull shit. Feel free to extend me the same gesture.

At KBCT we are raw and non-committal. One day I might just start a timer and make that shit up on the spot. And we’re probably going to take some KB’s up a mountain or two and call it apocalypse training. Mainly because if I called it functional fitness no one would show up. All I’m saying is that if it’s not sketchy we’re not having fun and if gets weird don’t say I didn’t warn you.

We will share laughs, we’ll throw parties (aka ragers), there will probably be some ladies that cry and even more likely some dudes who will throw a temper tantrum especially if they are new to Turkish Get Ups. None the less, in KBCT the challenges we come to face will become the very source of our greatest inspiration. We’re a team, a tribe, when you show up, show up as you are and expect nothing from anyone expect that they do the same.

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