INTRODUCING THE PHILOSOPHERS Friedrich Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil

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The Westgate Pub

38 Westgate Street BA1 1EL, · Bath

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We'll be upstairs. There is no charge but we are expected to buy drinks.

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Friedrich Nietzsche was a German philosopher, born in 1844, died in 1900. In this meetup we will look at his book Beyond Good and Evil, published in 1886.
In the Sparknotes link under Summary first read Context on Nietzsche's life. Then read Summary and Overall Analysis and Themes to get a general idea of the main themes in this particular book and Nietzsche's philosophy.

Beyond Good and Evil consists of 296 numbered sections and an "epode" (or "aftersong") entitled "From High Mountains". The sections are organized into nine parts. We will focus on three parts that discuss similar/related themes. This will help look in more depth at certain aspects of Nietzsche's philosophy, those that tend to set him apart from other philosophers. They include discussion of his concepts of Will to Power, Sublimation, Perspectivism and Free Spirit. Read
On the Prejudices of Philosophers
The Free Spirit
We Scholars

Unlike previous meetups I am not including questions and comments of my own. Instead, I am asking attendees to choose 3-5 points from the 3 sections above which they would like to raise for comment, support, expansion, critique, clarification and relevance to today's world. Depending on time we may not be able to discuss all the points but everyone will be asked to raise a couple and everyone will be given equal time to talk.

Contribution by participants to cover meetup fee cost: £2