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Let's make some LEDominoes (10:30am)

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Price: $16.00 /per person
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Inspired by Randy Elwin's winning project "LED dominoux", I made a custom circuit board for endless fun. Join us for our 2nd soldering class where each of you are going to build 2-3 dominoes. The more we build, the more fun we will have.

Check out our latest video on Facebook about this project (

Parallax has also donated a badge to solder and it will be included in this class.

I have added 3 classes with the same schedule as last time to accommodate most people (9am, 10:30am and noon). Some of the feedback received was that the class is not long enough. Noted that some of you would like a longer class. If some of you can make it by 8am, we could have 2 hour sessions instead. Just let me know and I will adjust the schedule. (8am-10am, 10am-noon, noon-2pm).

Registration: Only register the number of soldering stations you'd like to reserve. No need to add the number of guest. RSVP with 1 for a single soldering station ($16), RSVP 2 for 2 stations ($32).

Everything will be provided, no need to bring your starter kit (each domino kit has a 9V battery included). If you have a soldering station, please bring it and let me know about it so that I can adjust the max number of attendees. For this particular class, the more dominoes we build, the more fun.

If you want to purchase a soldering station, Parallax has a great kit for sale ( I think we could get a discount if we purchase a few as a group.

Fee ($16):
As always my time and effort is free and 100% of your contributions go towards the components, tools and prototypes of future projects. This class includes 3 dominoes (2 to solder, 1 where you will only need to solder the LEDs). I will have more domino kits for purchase ($10/set of 2). You can simply purchase them when registering for this class.

Illuminate the HackerLab:

The HackerLab is a cool place and I wouldn't have been inspired nor able to put these classes together without it. I'd like to build a cool LED feature in the entry (the wall on the left when you get in) and I'm looking for folks who would donate some of these dominoes to build this electronic art piece. You can donate through this class and mention that you would like the dominoes to be donated to the HackerLab. We will make sure to build something really cool with your help.

New Members:

If you are a new member, send me a direct email. I will add you to our account where you will find information about the past classes and any other information.

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