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When my Psychic and Mediumship skills surfaced abruptly and I was overwhelmed with all the information I was receiving I began a Desperate search to find help with what I was going through.

My search at times, led me to some unethical people at other times I would come across Psychics and Mediums who were just unwilling to help. It was at this point I made a commitment to myself that when I got to a place of understanding my abilities that I would begin a group to help others find their way too. That I would be open and honest with all that I know and willing to share all that information with like minded people.

I believe and practice Collaboration not Competition.

I am committed to creating a safe and non judgmental environment for those developing their abilities.

I am and have been a professional Medium for years now. I am a Medium, this is what I do professionally. I live it daily ~ I develop it daily ~ I communicate daily ~ I meditate daily. I have integrated my Spirituality and abilities into my entire life. I made the commitment to myself and Divine Spirit that I would make myself available to help others develop on their own paths of Spirit communication.

Stay True to You,
Kim St.Andre
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