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Created by Janelle Corpuz Hethcoat, KIN Unified Healing is a school for a Spiritual Development rooted in accessibility, sustainability and community.

KIN is a collective of soul family and a call to soul family who have yet to be awakened.

Our mission is to unite and ignite the healers and teachers in our community so more healing containers can be created and all spaces on this earth can truly be called sacred spaces.

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Weekly Donation Based Classes: Cosmic Fire Kundalini Rising - Angeli Caranto

Meditation and movement to transmute energy to assist in your self-healing. Each class will have a special intention for the group beginning with a pranayama (breathing) exercise, then transition to a visualization meditation for energetic healing and cleanse, bringing you to a yoga flow that assists in harmonizing the full physical body. You will leave this class with your heart full to set your tone for the day!



Weekly Donation Based Classes: Sacred Drum Percussive Sound Journey - Jeff Rivo

Sacred Drum Journey is a class that explores Journeying as a technique for self healing. Each class will inter-navigate a topic indicative of present astrological energies and how it applies to ourselves and current state-of-mind. Guided drum meditations will be administered to help you find clarity with your intentions.



Weekly Donation Based Class: Reiki Light + Sound - Lizette Michelle

Needs a location

Donation-based Sound and Reiki Meditation Class

This class is In-Studio only.

Self-awareness is the first stepping stone towards expanded consciousness and experiences, making it an essential part of the spiritual journey. You are part of many human systems – your family, neighborhood, work, or learning community. But you are also a system yourself – one as complex as any you engage in. The more awareness you have of the multiple dimensions of yourself as a system, the more skillfully you can interact with larger systems you are a part of.

This class combines Reiki, meditation, and sound healing to reharmonize your body and mind, preparing you to embark on your journey through spirituality.


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