Queer Trans Youth Group


Queer Trans Youth is a peer-led discussion and support group for LGBTTQIA youth, ages 25 and under, in Ottawa. It’s Canada’s longest running group for LGBTTQIA youth and by LGBTTQIA youth: a safe space for young people to come for discussions, understanding, support, and most importantly, fun.

What can you expect at QTY?

Intros & highs/lows – We begin the night by letting people around the circle know who we are, and if we’re up to it, sharing our highs and lows for the week Main activity – We do something different each week and do our best to post it ahead of time. Follow the Kind Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/kindspaceca?fref=ts) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/kindspaceca)!

Quiet room – Sometimes we need to talk more about our lows of the week, or we’ve been triggered by an aspect of the activity, or we’re just not feeling all that sociable. The quiet room is available for those times.

WHEN: Wednesdays 7:00–9:30 pm

WHERE: Kind – 222 Somerset St. W, suite 404


Programs, events and initiatives include counselling services, youth outreach initiatives, and peer led discussion/support groups. Peer-led groups Kind runs include: Queer trans youth, Café Q, High School Student Alliance, The Men’s Group, QPOC-IT, Polybilities, Biamore, Genderquest, Ace/Aro Spectrum. Celebrating Self is Kind’s sliding-scale, community-based counselling service for LGBTTQ+ communities focusing on non-hetero-normative, and cisnormative issues and relations to mental health.

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