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Every 3rd Thursday of the month

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Kindarma is a new way of sharing hope, support and life wisdom with others. It is about valuing our stories and the life experience and wisdom we all possess. No longer do we only have friends and family or professionals to help us in our times of need - we now really can reach out and connect with each other through Kindarma. All of the Darma's on our platform have moved through their pain and got to the other side.

If you have gone through a challenging life event and now have the desire to help others this maybe for you, or if you are going through something now we will support and help you as you do. The goal of all therapy and education is the removal of the cover we have. This does not need to take years on a therapists couch, we can help each other, and keep it simple - if we have the courage to do the work ourselves.

To begin we will be running Meet Up's the last Thursday of every month and they will be a 4 part series of;

Meeting 1)
Emotional Health and Wellbeing - Know Your History - When we are unhappy or just plain know something is amiss in our lives, we often do not know where to begin. We will take you through some very simple steps to get you thinking about the patterns and triggers that will begin to answers some of the questions you have. Emotional health parallels physical health, it is an everyday practice if we want to be our best.

Meeting 2)
Understanding our Mind - Psychology 101 - There are some very basic yet incredibly powerful patterns we all have to maintain our persona (mask). In helping people understand these, we can step towards removing this mask and get closer to our original center of who we are at our core.

Meeting 3)
Tools and methods to help you trust yourself. There are many things we can do to step onto the path of healing. There is no much new here, they have been taught for over 2000 years. However, we will give you some different versions of these practices to help yourself and others. Things such a boundaries, compassion vs. tolerance, projection and many others will be discussed. Again, nothing tricky, just simple processes, yet we will also bring humor and our stories to lighten the load !

Meeting 4)
Understanding our Hearts - Faith/ Spirituality/ Love. The process of healing is a journey of being parented to re-parenting ourselves, from being a victim to a hero, a child to an adult or from fear to love. However, we wish to word it, it is about finding something bigger than our minds or ego. There are no quick fixes, yet when we come together with compassion and vulnerability, we can help each other heal. Here we will bring the 4 weeks together to understand how we are all on this journey together.

This will be a revolving program, so that wherever people come in they will know what is being focused on for that week.

Kindarma has chapters beginning in California, Virginia and Philadelphia in the month of June.

Our host for this event is Ernest Torres and the venue is at his home. Rev. Ernest Torres' spiritual journey began in Brooklyn NY, where he lived for most of his life. He studied Reiki and was ordained as an Interfaith Minister through the Loving Touch School in Manhattan [1997]. He then founded The Metamorphosis Healing Center in Brooklyn NY. Continuing with his spiritual studies, he attended the School of Practical Philosophy, The New School [paranormal studies], The Kabbalah Center, The School of Hypnotherapy, The Palden Sakya Center for Buddhist Studies, and The Landmark Education.
He has also studied Intuitive Interpretation [tarot] and Inner Healing through Spiritual Awareness. Recently, he has completed his certification program as a Life Coach. Ernest's biography can be found on, where he has also been background checked and screened to ensure safety and trustworthiness for all members of the Kindarma.