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Feminine Empowerment Coaching
Please note: this is not an event but an invitation to experience private 1:1 feminine empowerment coaching. For more information please contact Amanda Clarke at [masked]. Feminine Embodiment Coaching with Amanda Clarke There is a cosmic shift happening on the planet and women are tired of playing second fiddle in this game of life. Playing small not only keeps you from manifesting what you truly want, but it also holds you back from living out your divine purpose. I’ve been there, stuck, held back, and yearning to break-free and frankly being in that place plain 'ol sucks! What if you could step-up and make a difference; a meaningful contribution in this world by just being you? How might the landscape of your life look? Over for the past six years, I’ve worked with women who are looking to break out of the spell of smallness. It pangs me to see women depressed, depleted, disconnected and downright insecure. One of the reasons many of my clients rave about the work we do together is because I provide immediate results. What I teach is inherent within you but there are layers of gunk bogging you down from accessing this wisdom yourself. Spinning your wheels, and living a life of lack is no way to live, beautiful. You are so much more! What can you expect from our sessions together: • A solid understanding of what feminine energy is, and how to use it to have your way with the world • Develop a physical and energetic presence that attracts what you want: personally and professionally. • Feel more comfortable with your sensuality, and with receiving positive attention. • Experience more passion in your life - particularly your love life. • Be more at ease setting clear boundaries with others. • Learn to be in flow rather than always pushing and striving to make things happen. • Look and feel more sexy, confident and radiant • Gain clarity about your life purpose and the greatest gifts you have to offer the world • Establish or strengthen your intuitive guidance Book a FREE 30-minute discovery call to learn how I can help support you on your journey to coming home to yourself as a woman. This means MORE self-love, MORE self-confidence, MORE clarity, MORE empowerment and saying YES to living out your divine mission. For more information on my coaching packages please visit ( or to book a FREE 30-minute complimentary Discovery Call, email Amanda at [masked] “Before working with Amanda, I was the dried-out, work-obsessed intellectual. I lived in my head and felt completely severed from the neck-down. I over-intellectualized emotionally-charged situations to avoid being present…I am [now] able to ease my ‘mind-babble’, step into my power as a woman knowing that I am safe and secure within my own space, and practice expressing my needs and desires from a more authentic place… Amanda helped me to be trust in the power of vulnerability, surrender, and acceptance. It has been a pleasurable journey! ~ Stefanie T. Amanda Clarke The Luscious Feminine [masked]

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We are a community dedicated to creating conscious change in our members and their lives respectively.

We provide fun activities, workshops, events, outings and access to deals, savings, tastings, music, language exchange, hula hooping, picnics, potlucks, multi-cultural events, adventures (breathe)....and more! Our goal is to make healthy lifestyle more accessible, affordable and fun for everyone. We use an integrative approach to holistic wellbeing, happiness and health and create an innovative and interesting balance between diet and nutrition, fun, fitness, dance, spirituality and mindfulness, meditations, conscious think tanks, education, & adventures to cater to the different tastes of everyone involved.

Events are extremely varied depending on the age, the day, the time, and the season; we incorporate various elements to provide guests with a truly unique and valuable experience. We are also open to suggestion so if there is something you offer or would like but can't find in the city, let us know and we'll try our best to accommodate. The only constant is change and we at Kindred Spirits constantly change with the times.

Our programs, events and adventures are carefully tailored to open the minds of members, improve their skill-sets, their health and help them build a healthy network of fun-loving, inspirational and like-minded individuals. We value community, sustainability, health and creativity and like to provide a platform for personal-growth, self-promotion and networking. We love to help promote entrepreneurs products and services and believe sharing is caring and encourage businesses and individuals to share their service, product or expertise granted it is within the scope of our mission of empowering the community and aligned with our value system.

***Events will include healthy food specially prepared by kindred spirits, and members or participants will receive recipes or promos or discounts to the yummy goods and other awesome stuff shared, also have the option of receiving a newsletter for non-advertised events and other info. We want to help you create and live a life you love! Social-preneurs, Adventure-Seekers, Health and Wellness peeps, Foodies, Dancers, Yogis and Gurus, Free spirits and anyone who wants to Upgrade their life and Live and Find their Purpose... this is for you!!! Hope to see you soon. Namaste!

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