Hold the Vision. Trust the Process - (new moon/full moon vision board meet ups)

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Creating Conscious Community
Creating Conscious Community
Public group

Every 2 weeks on Sunday

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Dear Kindred Spirit,


You are invited to a kindred meetup. It's going to be cozy, creative meet up where we indulge in inspiration with others as we harness the energy of the moon to help us manifest our desires—we will hold and share our own positively charged circle for creating a better version of ourselves.

This is a two part meet up - you don't have to come to both but you are encouraged and welcome to. The idea behind meeting up twice is to help us align with the moon cycles (new moon and full moon) and take advantage of the universal energies, as well to regroup and reconnect after sharing this beautiful creative and intentional experience together as well as spreading positive intentions, enjoying another meditation and blessings.

Guided Meditation & Sage Blessings
Before we begin with the vision board process we will engage in a sage blessing to help clear any lingering negative energies in our personal aura. We will continue with a guided meditation to help raise our personal vibrations, bring clarity to the vision as we are aligned with our divine self.

Compliments of KindredKitchens.ca

First Meet Up - Sunday April 15
New Moon = New beginnings
April 16 is the new moon, which represents new beginnings, fresh perspectives, optimism, hope, faith and transformation. This is an opportune time to start to begin to gather images, words and inspiration for your board. We will begin to create our boards using mixed mediums. Please feel free to bring in pictures, words, or even objects of inspiration. Also, within the next two weeks you may come across more things you would like to add to your board so start a collection.

Second Meet Up - Sunday April 29
Full Moon = Abundance
April 30th is the full moon, a time of harvest, accomplishment, unveiling, manifesting desires, surging sexual energy, achieving dreams and protection. What a great energy to time to reveal and share your board with others. This meet up will be a bit shorter and just an opportunity for us to share our completed vision boards, to reconnect and regroup. We will also engage in a sage blessing and guided meditation before closing the circle.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please message me (Angela) directly, and if you do not have paypal, no problem, let me know :)


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