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This is the former KCHM Group after a SECURITY REBOOT. Claudia & Greg are working to restore the group and events. Stay Tuned. Thanks for joining KCHM ... again.

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Whittaker Wilderness Peak — Cougar Mtn: 3.2 mi/1200’

Republic Parking (Issaquah Transit Center)

Hey all, I'm planning a quick trip to Whittaker Wilderness Peak on Cougar Mountain, right by Issaquah this Sunday morning. Its about 3.2 miles and 1200 feet round trip. Planning to go at a moderate pace, meaning 2 mph or a little faster. I would like to be up and down in about 1.5 hours, or maybe two if we want to linger at any points. No view at the top (just a bench in a small clearing surrounded by woods), but it's probably my favorite hike in the area for ease of access, neat bridges, and really nice forest that you're snaking your way through. There is a loop and non-loop option and we can decide which we want to do at the time. It's pretty much the same distance either way. Keep an eye on the forecast - likely will need raingear. MORE INFO ON TRAIL: https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/washington/whittaker-wilderness-peak-trail

📖Self Study RENTON 🏔Freedom of the Hills Ch 10-18+skills. EVENT FULL/closed

Self study #2. READ CHAPTERS 10-18 Freedom of the Hills. Know all knots necessary for glacier travel. Here’s the link for the knots and hitches. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! https://www.rmiguides.com/technical/knots Next prusik challenge from RMIGUIDES.COM: Bring your own drinks and light dinner or snack. Thx

Ice Axe Training at Mount Rainier (Tentative)

Kent-Des Moines Park & Ride

Take 2! If you were on the going list or wait list for last week sign up, those people will have priority! Tentative, depending on snow levels at Paradise this may be rescheduled or cancelled. Slots are very limited so sign up fast! This trip will be limited to those who have already filled out the mountaineering survey, if you have not please check it out! Note to drivers: as of November 1st all vehicles traveling in Mount Rainier National Park MUST carry chains. Please do not sign up to drive unless you have chains. Passengers please bring $15 for your driver! Lets go practice our ice axe usage at Mount Rainier! Please bring your ice axe and microspikes in addition to the usual 10 essentials, and make sure to dress warm. We will make our way up the Muir trail until we (hopefully) find an appropriate spot to practice our ice axe skills. Due to the limited number of slots I am giving priority to those who need the experience. We will have plenty of opportunities later in the year for more ice axe related fun, but we still have plenty of people eager to learn and I want to try to give them priority. Thanks!

#optoutside to Mount Rainier - Level ?

Kent-Des Moines Park & Ride

Let's take the advice given by REI and #optoutside this black Friday. Let the rest of the world indulge in a riot of consumerism while we burn off Thanksgiving calories exploring one of the wonders of our state. The plan is to head out to Mount Rainier and get our winter camping on. We will be aiming for some spots near Glacier Vista, but that could change depending on snow level and availability. From there we will explore the area on snowshoes and skis, and possibly get in some glacier movement practice for those who are interested. This will be a more freeform outing, so feel free to enjoy the area however you would like. This trip is highly weather and condition dependent, and subject to change both in location, duration, and outright cancellation if necessary. You will need a full set of winter camping gear, but we will be camping near enough to the cars that it will make a good first outing for anyone who is less experienced with winter camping. See https://www.rei.com/learn/expert-advice/winter-camping.html for a good guide to winter camping to you newbies. This will be initially limited to a group size of 12, but if there is enough interest I may reach out to the park about the possibility of securing a group site (limit 60). No guarantees, so sign up fast if you want to go! Because of the limited size, I'm asking everyone to please stay on top of your RSVPs. Last minute cancellations are not appreciated. Drivers should have an ATB pass or Mount Rainier pass. If we don't have enough drivers I will move people to ensure we have enough coverage. If you fail to answer the questions then I will assume you are not able or willing to drive and you will be at risk of being bumped for a driver. NOTE: Due to a scheduling conflict I had to reduce this trip to Friday/Saturday only. If you would like to extend it to include Sunday please post below; I would love to see it extended but I will have to return to civilization Saturday evening.

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