Puyallup, WA

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Jan 2, 2019


Aspiring PNWer. Love to be outside biking, hiking, camping, etc but need to do so more consistently. Current goal: hike the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu in 2020. Looking to improve my fitness so I can enjoy the trip!

I hike with King County Hiking and Mountaineering Group at my own risk. I know I am responsible solely for my own safety and that I am hiking at my own risk.


What is your current skill level in hiking and climbing?

I'm comfortable in the mountains, winter or summer but really looking to increase my winter skills

What kind of hikes are you interested in doing.

Open to just about anything. Would like to start doing multi-day trips though

What is the hardest hike or climb you have done in the past year?

Nothing that I would say is too difficult... last hike I went on was in the snow up a fire road on Blewett Pass. 7 mi round trip, 1600'.

You will be approved into this group no matter what your skill level even if you have never hiked before. Unfortunately meetup.com has been infiltrated with scams. So are you legit?

Too legit 🤣