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NEW dates: "Pericles," part 2 on December 12; "12th Night" on December 19th
sweet pea has found us another weeknight, so we're now meeting on the 2nd and 3rd Wednesdays of each month. This will let us do half of the play and discuss each time. No more Readers' Digest Condensed Shakespeare. December 12 finds us reading the second part of "Pericles" (we read through 3/4 on 11/21). Please read, see (or BOTH) the play so you know which parts you want. On 12/19, we'll read "12th Night," usually read when it takes place (on the 12th day of Christmas), quite a romp under even the most dreary circumstances. Please read, see (or BOTH) the play so you know which parts you want.

King's Books

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What we're about

This King's Books group reads the plays of Shakespeare aloud!

We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 6.30 pm.

No acting or Shakespeare experience required. Just be willing to read aloud and appreciate the beauty of the language, the insights into human nature, the humor, compassion, anguish, and scope of Shakespeare's work.

A few months ahead, we'll announce the title of the play to be read. To prepare, read the play or watch a performance. You can get a little familiarity with the script, maybe even enough to know which part(s) you will ask for at the meeting.

Even if we all prepare, there will be some confusing lines, and we often have different editions. In that case, we’ll wing it.

Remember to bring a copy of the scheduled play to the meeting, either paper or electronic. You can purchase either format on the King's Event page.
Plays will be posted on the King's Books Event calendar.

To begin each meeting, we’ll distribute parts. Longer parts will be split up over more than one person. We’ll read about half of the play aloud, take a break, and finish reading. Then we'll take another short break, so people who need to leave can do so. After the second break, we’ll have a post-play discussion.

As of this writing, we've had a max of 6 ppl attend a meeting. Many ppl join, and never attend or even visit the page. If we get to over 60 members, MeetUp wants me to pay $60 to make membership "unlimited." That would be an unwise investment of my scarce financial resources, keep in mind the YOU WILL BE REMOVED FRFOM THE GROUP IF YOU JOIN AND DO NOT ATTEND AND/OR VISIT THE SITE FOR THREE MONTHS.

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