What we're about

This is a group for men who are interested in becoming better men. This means being self-validated instead of looking to others for approval. It means reducing the time spent in unproductive pursuits and investing more time in activities that bring us real benefits. It means learning how to set the tone and take the lead in our relationships. It means doing that which improves our ability to be good, authentic men who show up big in the game of life.

At this time, I'm thinking we will start with a regular potluck / dinner once a month. During that time, we will discuss these issues and begin to plan some group activities that cause us to grow as good men, good husbands and partners, and good fathers.

Group activities that we may consider for the future:

• Hiking & Camping Trips

• Hunting & Fishing Trips

• Community Service Projects

• Periodic Lunch / Dinner Meetings

• Group Movies, Videos for Discussion

Past events (1)

Introductory Pot Luck

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