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Thinking about designing your own IKEA kitchen? Does it all seem confusing? What about the installation, what can I expect? That's what this meet up group is all about. We want to help you get into your new dream IKEA kitchen without the fuss and frustration you might already be aware of. We will walk you through the process and offer professional tips and advice!
We know the ins and the outs of how to use their planning software and how to assemble and install it all yourself or offer our professional services in the process. The end game, experiencing your new IKEA kitchen or any other room of your home with the best information.

Design help and ideas are what we are all about and our featured designer has years in the IKEA kitchen planning business. K. Lamont Designs, LLC works with Custom Assembly & Installations, Inc. in helping the masses reduce frustration and elevate the IKEA kitchen experience with information on how to DIY or by offering our professional services for those who are less inclined to undertake the tremendous tasks.

We will go over topics such as measuring, cabinet layout, design basics and optimization, what does it mean to assemble and install the cabinetry, how to fix the problems on the front end of your renovation and the key yet critical elemnts inlvoved in bringing that showrrom look inot your home or commercial offcie space.

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