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https://photos4.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/8/b/1/c/event_284735612.jpeg If you love to cook, and like to enjoy a meal with friends, let’s meet in the kitchen as we bring home style cooking to an art form! From basic to creative, traditional American to ethnic style - let’s exchange recipes and techniques. Let’s share cooking experiences in a hands on way, with demos and tastings. All cooks and lovers of good food are welcome, no matter your skill or experience level. There's something here for everyone. Come join us and let’s have fun and learn together!

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Let’s meet in the kitchen as we bring home style cooking to an art form!

Scheduling for this fall...just as soon as it cools off!

We have at least one event per month, involving hands- on cooking, demos and tastings. We do not meet on a set day and time, but I will give plenty of notice of coming events so you can plan ahead. We often meet at my home in Glendale, but we will have some 'field trips' to other member’s homes and different culinary destinations around the Valley. This is an opportunity to meet people who share an appreciation of good food and are interested in improving their cooking abilities. This is a place for learning new things, experimenting with kitchen gadgets, trying new recipes and just having a good time with others from across the Valley in a welcoming, and friendly environment.

Let'd meet in the kitchen... This year is going to be different...

I've decided since January is my birthday month......It's going to be about all my favorite things..after all I share my birthday with Oprah...if she can do it so can I !

You can pick a month and we will celebrate your favorites..let me know what and when!

For January, I want to have a luncheon demo on how to make Pastrami.

I've loved pastrami for years but never gave much thought to making it myself. I figured that I could buy good pastrami at the store for less money than it would cost me to make it, so why bother? Well, I found that I could make pastrami that gave the store-bought stuff a run for its money, and it was a fun process as well. If you like pastrami you might want to give it a try, too.

menu..for lunch

homemade Pastrami Sandwiches

Hot German Potato Salad

Various mustards, relishes and pickles

Please suggest a January date and time...

...meetups are not much fun if no one attends!

Let's meetup ….....and not bother.........?
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

To those RSVP Friends that never show or bother to explain....Welcome to:
The Day of the Dead Celebration.............

The menu won't be prepared......the budget was spent on those that never went.

A trick or treat of the spirits that might have been........

...And Happy Halloween to the rest of you!

Let meet in the Kitchen and Enjoy being toasted!
Needs a date and time

Needs a location


( That's probably very un American of me.......)

I'm baking and learning about Biscotti.

Biscotti are originally from Tuscany region of Italy and the word “Biscotti” literally translate as “Twiced Baked” to achieve their cruchy texture, these crunchy cookies first baked as a large log, then cut into slices and baked again..

TOASTED COOKIES......YIPPY! …......(that's probably very un Italian of me )

While many people think of biscotti as a perfect treat for dunking in espresso, hot coffee, tea or even a glass of cold milk, Italians traditional enjoy their biscotti with a sweet dessert wine...............

Goes to show there are options to enjoying being toasted!
Happy Super........day........your way!
B Love

I am offering a biscotti baking class if people express interest.

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Let's make it happen!

held in private artist home and studio in the west valley…

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