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Kappabashi (Kitchen Town) Culinary Adventure & Traditional Lunch

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Nippon GO! is offering Kappabashi Culinary Adventure again!

The first Kappabashi Culinary Adventure was a success and due to the demand, we are offering it again.

Join us as we take a culinary adventure in Tokyo's Kitchen Town. We will visit shops selling traditional and modern Japanese cooking materials, gain knowledge from experts (e.g. Find out how a dish design is meant for a specific season), enjoy lunch and hospitality at a local neighborhood restaurant!

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Time: May 7, 2014 (Tues) 10:00~14:00 (Unfortunately, a lot of the shops are closed on Sundays)

Location: Tawaramachi Station, Exit 3 (Ginza line)

Cost: 5,000 yen (includes lunch and drink fee).

Deadline: May 3 at 10:00 am

About This Neighborhood

Kappabashi-dori or Kitchen Town is a shopping street located between the Ueno and Asakusa districts of Tokyo. The area has over 150 shops and is devoted exclusively to cookware and restaurant equipment.

This is a great culinary experience for those who would like to learn about, and use, Japanese cooking utensils – including Japanese knives that can be personally engraved.

What To Expect

• Visit 7-10 shops, including a Japanese Pottery Shop, a Knife Store and more! You will learn about the history and use of Japanese cooking materials in each shop.

• Experience traditional Japanese hospitality while enjoying your lunch set at a family-ran restaurant.

This Culinary Adventure will be hosted by Sarah Milanes, Yukiko Koshi, Kaoru Shibata and Naoko Tsunoda.

Kaoru Shibata is a journalist, college lecturer, and one of the core participants behind Nippon GO!. Kaoru has been a radio DJ in Tokyo, a foreign correspondent for a Japanese television broadcaster, and television reporter in Japan. She is also quite knowledgeable when it comes to Japanese food and, together with Naoko Tsunoda, has been organizing and conducting Nippon GO! activities since 2010. Kaoru has been instrumental particularly in managing classes, planning and editing the website, and handling English-language communications.

Naoko Tsunoda is a journalist and editor whose work has appeared in numerous Japanese books and magazines, Naoko decided to apply the wealth of her journalistic experience to the task of promoting understanding of Japanese food culture and came up with the concept of Nippon GO! Since 2010, when she and Kaoru Shibata embarked on their Nippon GO! activities, she has been a core participant in the planning and holding of cooking classes, leader of the design and execution of the Nippon GO! website, and creator of Nippon Go’s Japanese-language content.

Sarah Milanes specializes in communications, arts and culture. She reviews cooking classes and events for Nippon GO!’s blog, sharing Japanese ingredients trusted by home cooks, regional food products and traditional Japanese home cooking techniques. She designs Culinary Adventures and food tours at Nippon GO!’s sister site Oishi Nippon. Prior to living in Tokyo, Sarah worked in communication and philanthropic roles in Canada’s not-for-profit and arts and culture sectors. Thanks to Nippon GO! she now regularly makes shiokoji and looks forward to summer so she can make homemade yuzukosho.

Cancellation message

Cancellations are accepted until a week before the event. Registration is transferable.


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