Working with Spiritual Guides and Masters: Discussion


Much has been written about guardian angels. In fact, there have been so many reports of angelic visitations that national research groups have been formed to record and investigate the phenomenon.

Have you ever had an experience with an angel or spiritual guide?

Sometimes these beings appear physically during a life-threatening episode, then disappear. Other times, accompanied by blue or white light, they appear in an inner vision or a dream. They can also appear as invisible friends to children. One common thread in all these appearances is that, through the experience, people's lives were changed for the better. Many times these guardian angels are ECK Masters. These spiritual travelers are highly evolved beings who act as agents for Divine Spirit.

In Eckankar's Spiritual Experience Guidebook (, Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader of Eckankar, explains, "Many people have recognized an ECK Master as a childhood guide or inner guide from their past. They are the guardian angels we sometimes hear about today. But not all guardian angels are ECK Masters" (p. 9).

The ECK Masters will not interfere in the sacred state of consciousness of another being without his permission, but you can learn to work with them. You may ask a question before sleep, request a meeting with one of the ECK Masters in your dreams, or you may practice an imaginative spiritual exercise to invite their presence.

Come to hear some stories of how people have worked with their inner guides, and share your own experiences and questions. You'll also have the opportunity to try a simple spiritual exercise that can help you tune in to the guidance, hints and nudges from spiritual Masters, which may help you discover the next step in your own journey.

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