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***************************************Notice as of 2018*************************************************************

We use Meetup for our main place to find detailed information on Meetups and collect money for tickets, etc if we have an event that requires payment. Membership dues are collected for the maintenance of this site and for paper products for our potlucks and parties. Meetup only used to collect dues for people who wanted to RSVP to meetups, but they've since changed that policy and if you don't pay dues they remove you from the group. Unfortunately there's nothing I can do about that, but we don't want people leaving because they can't afford the payment.

So - if you can't afford the $5 (I receive $4.12) join us on our Facebook group where there will be event invites about a week ahead of time. If you *can* afford it, please donate as we are entirely volunteer and paying for the website comes out of my pocket if people don't donate. Also please be advised that most of our members do RSVP on Facebook, so if it looks like an event here isn't going to be well-attended, it's probably because most of the RSVPs are being posted somewhere else.

This group is for all of the atheists, rationalists, humanists and/or non-believers in the West Sound.

This is a group for open-minded people to get together and talk about their views of the world, recent news, philosophy, or whatever interests them, without worrying that their lack of belief will be an issue.

This is also a group for atheists who want to be around other atheists for a little while because they spend all day at work surrounded by religious persons.

This group is primarily social and is private. Most of us are "out" but we will respect your privacy if you can't or don't want to be. Our primary goal is to be a place for atheists to go to socialize and make friends. We range in age from 18-80 and are comprised of parents and non-parents, singles and couples, military and non-military, of every political persuasion and profession. We have family friendly breakfasts, community service meetups, speakers, dinners, hikes and holiday parties. We try to keep our meetups as diverse as our membership, we have something for everyone at KAA.

If you are interested in skepticism, our sister group Kitsap County Skeptics meets once a month on Wednesdays as well.

We have a discussion group on Facebook where events are posted:

Events also tweeted at @KitsapAtheists

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