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If Ca$h is King, Ca$hFlow is Queen!

This meetup is for anyone interested to learn the steps and skills to financial freedom through playing Rich Dad's Cashflow 101 board game, in a fun and relaxed learning environment. The objective of the game is to get out of the rat race as fast as possible. The meetup will be 2-2.5 hours starting with a brief player introduction and the how-to's of the game.

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Let`s get Started AGAIN!!

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Hello everyone!!!

My name is Inhee Park.

So happy to introduce myself that I am the new organizer for the Kitsilano Cash Flow Game Group.
I have been living in Kits for about 4~5 years and I have been playing Cash Flow Game since I read Rich dad Poor dad in 2018.
The book and the game have changed my life.
Not only do I change my daily money habit, but also lifestyle by attending financial workshops, asset classes, and more.
Now I changed my career towards a path to financial independence and financial freedom.

I happen to see the email about the cash flow organization needing a new organizer.
To be honest I have not been in a meet-up for a while, as I have always been preoccupied with other meetings. But this game is something I have been playing for a long time and I feel this is something I can attend and commit to on a regular basis. I would love to play with more people and help them to change their relationship with money as I did and hope to help people to achieve their financial freedom together.

So who`s in it?
Let's get started again.
Now, most of the people are vaccinated and free to meet I am looking forward to going out and meet new people who share values and make connections!

The purpose of the meeting is to learn about basic financial concepts from cash flow games and network with like-minded people who are trying to achieve their path to financial freedom!!!

The 1st meeting is for just networking not for playing games. In this meeting, we will discuss the future of this group. For example, the goals and mission of this group, and create a regular agenda for our meetings.

I have a physical game but there is a great online game so even we can play online but I like to meet in person to play and also talk more about general financial knowledge that can benefit your daily money habit.

So please join me for the first meeting for our organization.

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