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Do you love dancing or would you like to give it a try? Heard about Kizomba? Tried it? or even already love it?! Join Kizomba Revolution at Revolution Bar in Reading, for a regular monthly night of fantastic Kizomba lessons and social dancing! Friendly People, Exciting Socials, Great Music - Whether you're looking for fun dance lessons, an eclectic mix of people to meet and socialize with, or just want to try something new, theres always good times to be had with us.

Is it about fun, health, fitness or just meeting people? Its about all of the above and more! Dance is fun, social, challenging, culturally insightful, uplifting and a workout all in one - Once the music is playing you forget about the fact that you're exercising because you're too busy laughing with the people in the room. Group and partner dances like Kizomba are fantastic social activities that form an integral part of peoples daily lives in many cultures around the world and something that people often remark they couldn't imagine doing without once they had given it a try. REMEMBER: - No partners needed - No experience required - No sequins necessary...hahaha! - See you soon :)

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