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You love music and you love to dance, but don't really know how? Or do you already know dances like Bachata, Salsa or even Argentine Tango but you are looking for something new, existing and even sexy? This is the place to get it all! Among traditional dance classes or workshops you'll find exotic classes like Kizomba and Zouk which are invading Europe and the rest of the world at warp speed. These dances can vary in speed from very slow and sensual to quite fast and athletic. If you don't mind intimacy on the dance floor, you will love these dances. Latin music as well as popular RnB songs are part of the playlist which makes these dances perfect for any occasion and location. You might even get a workout! You will be moving, shaking and rotating parts of your body that you didn't even know you had, that is if you want to! Every dancer will explore their own skills and learning pace. There's no pressure. It'a all about the fun. Let's get together for some FUUUUUN!

Curious: check these youtube performances, but don't get scared! These are advanced daners, but we will start from scratch!


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