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EATING out is a trend due to rising affluence and urbanization, changing lifestyles. As household income increases, people spend more time at work and less time preparing food at home. We often hear people say that it is so challenging to maintain a balance between healthy eating and dining out.

Well, that’s simply not true!

There are so many gourmet dishes, must-try foods and most instagrammable café serving healthy balanced diet are waiting for us to explore!Healthy lifestyle starts from eating.

We’re a team of professional Nutritionist who visits restaurants and conduct assessments of an eatery's menu offerings based on a variety of criteria and assigns a star rating for food that fulfill the criteria, Go-MaD Star (https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/go-mad-ai-debuts-new-go-mad-stars-rating-for-food-restaurants-1028064657).

We will organize meetup during our restaurant review visit to have nutrition-related activities. Feel free to recommend restaurants and their dishes for our rating review

( https://go-mad.io/recommend-restaurant/ )

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