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KNOW YOUR CHILD is 2-1/2 hour interactive workshop for parents, grandparents, babysitters and other guardians or caregivers of minor youth. It’s interactive, insightful, and deepens our understanding of childrens’ behavior and our ability to meet their needs.

The Know Your Child Workshop includes a root-cause analysis of childrens’ behavioral patterns and equips parents and caregivers with the knowledge to help the child blossom to his or her full potential. The information shared in the workshop will reinforce a positive relationship with the child and carry this forward during the child’s development.

Topics covered in the workshop include information on:

· Better communication, so that children will listen
· How to address focus and concentration issues with children
· Getting children interested in studies and school work
· Finding ways to enhance the creativity of children
. Managing stubborn behaviors
. Nurturing children to be free and natural

KNOW YOUR TEEN Workshop is a two-hour workshop for parents and guardians of teenagers that’s filled with effective strategies and means of understanding the special needs of teenagers.

Topics covered in the workshop include:

.How to understand and help your child make the transition and journey through adolescence
.How to stay involved in your teenager’s life
.How to understand your teen’s need to appear trendy to be accepted among their peers
.How to help your son or daughter to become and remain emotionally healthy
.How to be a friend and guide who can participate in your teen’s choices of college and career

The Instructor: Bhavani Ramanan is a long time instructor with the Art of Living Foundation, teaching both beginner and advanced level breathing technique and meditation workshops for youth and adults. A practitioner of these techniques since 2002, she has taught these workshops for over ten years in various cities across the country. She regularly speaks at corporations on using meditation as a tool for living a peaceful, purposeful and dynamic life. She is also one of the handful of certified instructors of the acclaimed parenting workshops "Know Your Child" and "Know Your Teen". She coaches parents regularly to handle situations with children in a positive and inspiring way. She holds Master’s degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science and prior to her work with Art of Living, worked in the IT industry for over a decade. Her educational and corporate background allows her to connect effectively with those working in high-stress environments.

Online registration
KNOW YOUR CHILD - 4 - 6pm - tinyurl.com/kycmahwah
KNOW YOUR TEEN - 6 - 8pm - tiny url.com/kytmahwah

Contact if you have questions: JAYA: 201-675-7554

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