What we're about

I am creating this group because i believe that there is something missing in society today. That thing is the capacity for thoughtful and compelling discourse. The basis of this group finds its roots within the forums of ancient Rome and Greece. There, many gathered and conversed and it is said that the measure of a persons strength was gauged by the quality of their argument, not by the fury of the fist. In fact, to lose ones temper was seen as weak, this is where this group finds its roots, to develop skills in articulation and critical thinking while having fun!

The most important facet of this group, it is to share, to learn and to grow. So many people and not a single consciousness can be said to be understood but our own. This is intriguing! The purpose of this group is to develop a sense of community with those around us as well as explore ideas whilst employing other faculties to enjoy the time spent. Meets will often times be at quiet places with the option of refreshments but meeting places are intended to shift until a permanent location is discovered

Those who are keen on joining will be ready to have their views challenged respectfully, this is not a place of argument but of reason and thought. Those who are keen on joining will be ready to try new things such as games or thought projects. Disagreements will certainly arise, but the goal is to dive deeper into the root of things, disagreements will be met with respect and bolstered through careful articulation. Those who do not conduct themselves respectfully will be asked to simmer down or leave.

At these events will be an evolution of self and of activity. It will evolve, it will grow and over time it will sure be unrecognizable to the beginning, and this is the goal. This group is not static, it does not maintain concrete structure, it is the place where ideas and action and people shape its manifestation. There are not limits to this, perhaps meeting places will change, activities will vary from hiking to boardgameing to simple and complex discussion.

Finally, this group is for those who may now find themselves within a dark wood.
"O son, up yonder drag thyself" -The Divine Comedy

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