Sports Page Lounge - $100 CASH & 3 BPO Tokens! 50/50 Drawings!


Let's play FREE Texas Hold'em poker Thursdays, at Sports Page Lounge located at 4603 N Post Rd.

We'll start at 7:30pm with an increased prize of $100 cash and three BPO online tokens for a chance at the Bar Poker Open Championships ( for $150K in Atlantic City each winter and for $250K in Las Vegas every summer!

Earn tournament points for entry into our $1000 cash payout KTPL Quarterly Tournaments too. 1st place 130 points, 2nd place 100 points, 3rd-10th place 80-10 points.

Come to win a 50/50 raffle every Thursday at Sports Page Lounge! $5 gets you 5 tickets!


Players at 1000 "total" points or more are Koalafied to play.
[masked] tournament points - 15K starting chip stack
[masked] tournament points - 20K starting stack
[masked] tournament points - 24K starting stack
[masked] tournament points - 27K starting stack
[masked] tournament points - 29K starting stack
[masked] tournament points - 30K starting stack

At 4000 points, and every 500 point increment after, receive 1K in bonus chips.

Next upcoming Quarterly Tournament is TBD with a minimum cash payout of $1000! Check your quarterly point standings here:


KTPL Card Guard Bonus: Show the TD your KTPL Card Guard and earn 1K in bonus chips. Click here to get one:

VIP Bonus: Wear a Koala Tee shirt and earn 4K instead of only 2K when you are a VIP member. Click here to become a VIP:

RSVP Bonus: RSVP here at and receive an additional 2K in bonus chips.

Facebook Check-In Bonus: Check in on Facebook when you arrive at the venue and mention you are playing Koala T Poker and receive 3K in bonus chips! Must show the Tournament Director at the registration station to receive the chips.

Bring A Friend Bonus: Invite a friend who's new to Koala T Poker and you both will receive extra bonus chips; the new player gets 5K while you receive 5K per friend!

Early Bird Bonus: Swipe in with your membership card at least 30 minutes prior to game start and receive an extra 2K in chips!

Koala-Tee Shirt Bonus: Wear your favorite Koala Tee Shirt during the tournament and earn 2K in bonus chips. You must be wearing the shirt. Having the shirt on your lap or over your shoulder does not count. Ask your Tournament Director what sizes are available or buy one online at

Home Team Bonus: Wear any Colts or Pacers gear when that team is playing on one of our poker nights and receive 2K in bonus chips! Team card guards are acceptable for the bonus too.

Twitter/Facebook Post Bonus: Stay updated each game night on Twitter and Facebook for unique and special chip bonus opportunities. The chip bonus value varies each night for each particular bonus opportunity and will be posted only on Facebook and Twitter.

All-Time Volunteer Dealer Bonus: Receive up to 6K in bonus chips for being a volunteer all-time dealer! Earn 2K at the start of the game and an additional 4K when you continue to deal after the first break.


Dealer spots are limited, so swipe in early and click the "I'm a dealer" box just below the Card ID Number on the Registration page. You will need the Tournament Director to insert their password to allow you access to register as a dealer. You will then be auto-assigned a random Dealer seat for the tournament. You must deal for the entire length of the game until properly relieved. If you happen to lose early, let the host know and we will make our best efforts to break up your table first. Until then, you must continue to deal until properly relieved.

Please be aware that others may have a special talent for or simply more experience in dealing Texas Hold'em Poker games. We want the highest quality game around. Don't sign up if you are not ready for the challenge or just simply want the extra bonus chips. If you are found not dealing according to our standards we will kindly ask you to allow someone else to deal and for you to not deal again.

*If there are no volunteers available to deal, the default position is the card deck will be passed around the table and each individual will deal on their turn*

Final Table Dealer Bonus: If you are not participating in the final table as one of the 10 final players you may volunteer as final table dealer. You will be required to deal until the tournament is finished. You will receive two 2K bonus chip coupons for use at the next tournament you attend.


Bar Tab Points: Koala T Poker HIGHLY encourages each player to enjoy each venues' delicious food selections and beverage choices. We can not continue to provide such great prizes without your support of each venue. To help achieve maximum participation, each $1 on your bar tab for food and beverage purchases (including tip) will award you 3 tournament points. Make sure to give your receipt to the host for point documentation. Please write your first and last name on the receipt and the total amount paid including tip.

High Hand of the Night: Earn 50 tournament points for winning a pot with the highest hand played for the entire tournament. Any winning hand is eligible. Make sure the tournament director knows your name and what your high hand is. The person with the highest winning hand when the tournament is over will write their name in the bonus point section in the sign in sheet.

Bounty Hunter Poker: Played at random venues at random times, Bounty Hunter Poker awards you one bounty chip worth 20 tournament points for every person you eliminate from the game. Each player receives one bounty chip with their starting stack. This bounty chip is with the player throughout the tournament. If the player is eliminated, the bounty chip is given to the player who eliminated them. The bounty chips earned are then given to the tournament director for proper point documentation.


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