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R Benutzer Treffen Köln / R user meeting in Cologne

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Jessica P. and Kirill P.
R Benutzer Treffen Köln / R user meeting in Cologne


For organisational reasons: please only RSVP "yes" if you actually plan to attend and don't forget to update your RSVP if needed! No-shows are not cool.

Otherwise: same place, same time, same spirit :)


18:00 Welcome

18:15 Talks

Markus Gesmann - Models are about what changes, and what doesn't

How do you motivate and build a model from first principles? This talk will provide is a step by step guide. The purpose of most models is to understand change, and yet, considering what doesn’t change and should be kept constant can be equally important. Using differential equations to describe the data, I will show how various regression models can be motivated and demonstrate how limitations of generalised linear models can be overcome with a full Bayesian approach. Along the way I will emphasise the value of domain knowledge and share my experience of engaging with domain experts.

Jo-Fai Chow - OsloBnB - Where to stay in Oslo?

Two weeks ago, Joe visited Oslo for H2O meetup and other events. Not sure where to stay, he asked his friend Dmytro for help. Dmytro created a fun project combining both spatial and text analysis in R based on open data for Joe. In this talk, Joe will walk you through some of the interesting steps in Dmytro’s analysis.
Joe will also give away special H2O gifts to all participants.

Joe Chow ( on behalf of Dmytro Perepolkin (

From 19:30 Klönen & Kölsch

Pizzas and drinks will be provided.

Lichtstraße 25 · 50825 Köln