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Play Boardgames! (Post Spiel-Messe Edition)

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Let's join to play some boardgames! The idea is pretty straightforward: come in, sit down and enjoy a game (or two or more), some drinks and (new) people in a refreshing (and with some brains) activity.

If you have a nice game to play and you want to share it, be it card or board, bring it and share the joy (the more the merrier). If you don't bring a game it's completely fine.

Please keep in mind that once groups start playing, it's difficult to allocate late comers into games and you'll have to wait until a group is done or new latecomers arrive. So try to be on time for the sake of everyone ;).

Since a few weeks ago was the Gaming convention in Essen, this time there would be brand new games to play and experience.


Q: What kind of game can I bring?

A: Almost any kind of game. Card, dice, strategy, storytelling based games are all welcomed. Although, something to keep in mind: the tables available are a bit small for games with big "maps" or lots of infrastructure. Also, games that last for many hours or with a strong component of strategy might not work that well in this environment, in particular for casual gamers.

I would say that card games have been very successful in this setting.

Q: What games would I like to see?

A: Some "classics" like Siedler von Catan or Munchkin would be nice to see or other maps (beside the German one) of Ticket to Ride. And of course many others I don't remember or know yet =)

Q: What do I do if I bring a game?

A: The chances are that you might be the only one knowing how to play that particular game, so be prepared to be the host and teach how to play. It would be nice if you drop a shout down below saying that you're bringing a game. And if you want, to tell some details about it (Title, number of players, time required to play).

Q: Has everyone need to be playing the same game?

A: Not at all, there are plenty of games to be played. For instance, some time ago, while a group played "Carcassonne" others where playing "Dixit".

Happy gaming!