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Clojure comes to the City of Joy! This is a group for anyone interested in getting a taste of, wielding and unleashing the power of the mighty parenthetical beast that is Clojure. We hope to meet regularly, discuss, collaborate on, learn from each other about building software the FP way with Clojure as our primary choice. All skill, experience and enthusiasm levels welcome!

Please see learn Clojure (https://www.meetup.com/Koljure/pages/28403950/Learning_Resources/) and more on the group (https://www.meetup.com/Koljure/about/)

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Clojure Kolkata

WrkSpot, Kolkata

Hello everyone! We kickoff the Kolkata Clojure community with the inaugural meetup of Koljure. In this we will have the following:- - Introductions - A tour of Clojure through problem solving exercises - Intermission/ Discussion - An experience report of writing Clojure in production This is the agenda for now, but if you're interested in presenting, please let us know. We welcome contributions on all levels on anything ranging from Clojure to more general topics of interest to the community e.g. functional programming, Lisp, programming professionally or as a hobbyist. So if you're from Kolkata or out-of-town, drop by! Presentations can be full-length (20-30 minutes) or lightning style. If you're interested please get in touch over email. Your organizers, Abhik ([masked]) and Gautam ([masked])

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