What we're about

This is for all those into serious graphics programming and general game development.

JOBSEEKERS STAY AWAY! If you're one of those guys who doesn't know a pixel from a kick in the head, but you've "heard that Grand Theft Auto made 1 billion $ in three days", and fancy trying your hand at a little "biznizz" to be the next "IT czar" or whatever.... - STAY THE FUCK AWAY! YOU WILL *NOT* GET A JOB HERE! YOU WILL NOT MAKE BUSINESS CONTACTS HERE!

If on the other hand you're a game *player* who just maybe wants to see what this whole shebang is about, just maybe get your hands dirty with a little code and try out the whole thing to see how much FUN you can have, why, step right in! :) We don't care if you're *new*, just that you're Real.

...and old guys who are Carmack's long-lost brother are welcome too! :)

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