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DID YOU KNOW? (1) Alternative energy and sustainability DO NOT remove carbon from the atmosphere they just prevent more from getting there; (2) In the mid-2030's atmospheric carbon levels will by the end of this century push Earth's ecosystem into a new "mode" of operation inconsistent with survival for most animal life on the planet; (3) We must begin the massive effort of carbon removal before it's too late and there IS a safe and reliable PLAN for doing this; (4) Nothing is going to happen if someone doesn't take the lead in pushing this plan (Ocean Assisted Carbon Capture) into public view; (5) Our grass roots campaign can grow exponentially if you do your part for the future and pass this on to 3 other people and encourage them to do the same. We CAN fix this so please contact your friends and family now and spread the word! - Christian R. Komor

Global Warming is Today’s Problem – Not Something We Can Wait To Deal With Later

I hope this finds you in good health and spirits. One of the problems for a small, write-in campaign like ours is getting the word out. As you can see from our full platform we have plenty of positive plans to address the issues Arizona is facing - but the BIG issue is climate change. We HAVE to get the information out there about the "tipping level" phenomena just around the corner in the mid-2030's AND that there is a solution BUT we must start now on the journey toward removing carbon from the atmosphere through Algae Assisted Carbon Capture.

All of us are coping with the large and small local effects of climate change. Less of us know about massive the stores of methane being released from beneath the melting permafrost and the catastrophic slowing of heat-distributing ocean currents. Even fewer are aware that researchers have identified the appearance of totally new microbes emerging which are starting to release carbon from the soil – Earth’s greatest repository of carbon! Far fewer realize there is now agreement among International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) scientists (see my recent book “Climate Deadline 2035” for primary literature references) that in the mid-2030’s, a few short years from now, we will cross a deadline beyond which global warming (the 80-90% that is human-caused) will accelerate exponentially, leaving our children on a one-way ride to a probable extinction-level event, not in some unimaginably far-off future, but by the end of this century. At that point the children of our future will no longer have the opportunity we have now to stop what is happening. They will not have the resources to arrest such a massive process. It is we today who stand at a key moment in time and who still have the resources to fight.

“Sustainability” is a Tomorrow Solution - It Won’t Change The Trajectory of Climate Change

Something we unfortunately no longer have is the opportunity to change global warming’s course with solar and wind energy, electric cars, and reduced emissions. We squandered that opportunity some 40 years ago when the “ozone hole” first become known, President Carter was putting solar panels on the White House, and the first 40+mpg cars were introduced. But we bought SUVs instead and kept drilling for oil to fuel them. Now, after another 40 years of filling our skies with the equivalent of 400,000 Hiroshima size nuclear detonations each and every day there is so much carbon and other green-house gases) occluding our atmosphere that only the direct removal of carbon from the our atmosphere can make a difference. And if you think about it, why would cutting emissions do anything to remove carbon already in the atmosphere? Kind of a silly idea isn’t it? Fortunately, there is a safe and manageable way to accomplish this and Komor4Governor intends for Arizona the be the flagship in this effort! With a little push we can shift Arizona from Climate Change Ground Zero to Climate Repair Ground Zero. But we need to raise public awareness of the plan (called Algae Assisted Carbon Capture and Reflection - AACC&R) and get moving on it, starting with applying carbon capture technology to Arizona’s carbon emitting infrastructure. We aren’t going to talk the utilities into doing it. Their job is to make money not protect the long-term welfare of citizens.

Our Children’s Future is in Our Hands Now!

Forget Climate Change denial. It’s old news and already in court! Investigators now know it was a marketing plan by ExxonMobile and other “carbon majors” that some people fell for like they did the “smoking is good for you” plan which came before it. We are (or better be) way past that. The situation is more like this - Hitler is invading France headed for England and there are U-boats off our shores. We can’t wait for a “Climate Pearl Harbor” to galvanize our national will to fight. We are going to have to suck it up right now and do this ourselves.

Individual Acts Won’t Fix This – But We Can Fix It Together - Join Us and Find Out How!


v Campus Student Sustainability Initiatives (CSSI)

v American Friends Service Committee – Arizona

v Sonoran Prevention Works

v Prescott College Masters in Social Justice and Community Organizing

v Prescott College Queer Student Union - QSU

v Prescott College Black Student Union

v Sierra Club Student Coalition at Prescott College

v Flagstaff Sustainability Program

v No More Deaths/No Más Muertes

v Tucson Samaritans

v United We Dream

v Oil Change International

v Arizona State Conference NAACP

v NAACP Tucson Chapter

v Labor Network For Sustainability

v Jobs With Justice

v Jewish Voice for Peace - Tucson

v Indigenous Environmental Network

v Food & Water Action

v Democracy Initiative

v Corporate Accountability

v Communications Workers of America

v Common Cause

v Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights

v Int'l Indigenous Peoples Movement for Self Determination & Liberation

v Grassroots Global Justice Alliance

v The Global Alliance for Climate Justice

v Sky Island Alliance

v Keep Arizona Beautiful

v Friends of Saguaro National Park

v Grand Canyon Trust

v Groundwater Awareness League

v Arizona Land and Water Trust

v Desert Foothills Land Trust

v Friends of The San Pedro River

v Arizona Wilderness Coalition

v Central Arizona Land Trust

v Environment Arizona

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