LIVE Q&A: How Slalom is leading connectivity modernization for its customers

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👋 Seattle + Portland - Don't miss this virtual event featuring an open discussion & live demo with Slalom!

We miss being in person too, but for now, we want to make virtual Meetups more interactive & exciting than a webinar-style presentation...
In addition to a casual & fun Q&A with Slalom, we will have an interactive demo 👨‍💻 and networking.

+ Join us at your lunchtime on Thursday and we will buy your lunch on Friday🥗! All attendees will receive a DoorDash gift card!! 🎁

🕰️ Agenda:
12pm: Welcome & Intros
12:10: Open discussion with Slalom
12:30: Live interactive demo
12:45: Q&A, Networking tables, raffle winners

📖 The full story:

Join us for this live interactive Meetup with Slalom as we discuss the common challenges and pain points their customers face in improving inefficiencies & adopting modern connectivity solutions.

As a well-respected Seattle tech consulting firm, Slalom helps companies tackle their most ambitious projects and build new capabilities in their digital transformation journey. Working with customers around the world, Wayne Hiner will discuss the issues he encounters most frequently and the products that are creating the best solutions for his clients.

After our discussion, learn how Kong can help solve connectivity issues with a live demo with Aaron Miller as he shows us how to ensure secure connections and consumption of data across modern infrastructures. We will have questions and feedback from Slalom along the way as they consider adopting Kong for some of their customers.

🗣 Panelists:

😎 Wayne Hiner | Principal Integrator for Slalom Consulting
Wayne has been working in the Enterprise Systems Integration space for 31 years. He is a strong advocate of micro/nano-services and API-led connectivity. He is currently a Principal in the Emerge West Systems Integrations practice at Slalom Consulting focusing on Enterprise and Solutions Architecture using API, Cloud and iPaaS solutions.

👨‍💻 Aaron Miller | Sales Engineer at Kong
Aaron has been in the API space since 2009, and has had a variety of IC and management roles around Silicon Valley at companies varying from pre-money startups to large enterprises such as IBM and Salesforce. He is currently a Sales Engineer at Kong, where he has been a member of the teams closing the majority of the Western US business for Kong, notably Expedia, VMware, and Cisco.

😊 Behdad Ebadifar | Senior Solutions Engineer at Kong
Behdad has been helping companies understand the latest technologies and overcome challenges with adopting those technologies. He recently joined Kong after being part of an early startup in silicon valley. Prior to that he worked at larger companies including VMware and Dell.