What we're about

At Kool Kanya (https://koolkanya.com/), Our mission is to create a nurturing ecosystem for women to connect with each other and build careers they love.

We are a career platform for women who build each other.


We created Kool Kanya because we want women to own and create their futures.

Kool Kanya is a community of women helping other women to navigate their careers. Whether you are a freelance writer, artist or a stylist or a self-starter like an entrepreneur, a mother looking for work after maternity break, a corporate employee or simply looking for your life purpose, we would like to help you and invite you to help others.

At our events, our focus is on helping you meet like-minded women and providing you with the correct skill sets to assist you in building your dream career.


Write to us at care@koolkanya.com

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