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People have raved about the tong dak (fried chicken) at Prince Cafe but this bar (among others) also has some great fried chicken. Their spicy chicken wings are also supposed to be excellent. They have adventurous stuff like fried chicken gizzards, pigs foot, blood sausage and sea snails. And yes, we'll be getting all or most of those! Other more mainstream things do exist such as tang soo yuk (sweet/sour pork) and yangmyun chicken (sauced chicken). Hopefully with a big enough group, we can try most of these things, keeping in mind that portions are very large.

Since this is a family style outing (all food and costs are shared equally) you must:

be a beer drinker (even if you're not drinking you'll still be "on tap" to split the entire bill evenly since this is a family style event) be an adventurous eater because if we can, we'll be ordering all kinds of interesting (e.g. WIERD!) things bring cash, to more easily split the bill Expect your order total to come to roughly $30.

For example, for 8 people at $30 each, we might share the following menu:

small (game hen) fried chicken : 2 orders = 8 pieces = $21 spicy chicken wings $14 pitchers of beer - 3 orders = ~$35 pork feet $21 chicken gizzards $?? blood sausage $15 sea snail $17 tang soo yuk $?? Yelp:

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Pic from above blog, of the spicy chicken wings: