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Since this isn't Koreatown BBQ Groupies but Korean BBQ Groupies that means we don't have to eat in Koreatown! So let's enjoy Sunday with a nice all you can eat Korean BBQ!

Plus, we can all share my Groupon ... if you like!

***Please Note***

***Sharing my Groupon means reimbursing me directly for your portion of the coupon***

***This is entirely optional but will save you a little money if you participate***

***RSVPs close on Friday, May 25th at 3PM so make your final decision by then***

Lunch prices are a lot lower than at Dinner but pretty much it's the same menu (you get 1 more meat choice during Dinner). It's all you can eat for $15.99 a person (instead of $25.99 at dinner time).

Yes, the costs went up $1 from our last visit (in mid-December).

Here is the lunch menu:

Limited (at least not overwhelming) choices and quality meats...

Yelp Reviews (

Various Blog Entries (nothing all that descriptive below but you get some nice pictures): ( ( ( (

The picture below shows all of the lunch items on offer in 1 photograph:


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