" KLG " Korean Language Group (Korean - English) : Meetup at Makati (한국어-영어 모임)

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" KLG " Korean Language Group (Korean - English) : Meetup at Makati (한국어-영어 모임)
Our meeting consists of 30 minutes in English and 30 minutes in Korean.

- - - - [ Information ] - - - -

Location : coffee bean and tea leaf at Greenbelt5
[Meeting place is coffee shop, PLEASE order your drinks]

Map : Legaspi St., Legaspi Village, Makati City ( G/F ATM Center Middle Area beside Security Bank ATM), MAKATI(CITY), Metro Manila
[Cafe is not show up at google map. ATM is better. ]

After MEET UP, We will go to lunch. Participation is your will.
[Lunch are paid by each person]

- - - - [ Today's topic ] - - - -

Each week includes the Below topics, But any subject is good.

01. 인사: 마간당 우마가, 한국에서 왔다고?
01. Greetings: Magangdang umaga, Are you come from Korea?
02. 업무: 너는 무슨 일 하니?
02. Work: What do you do?
03. 취미: 주말에 뭘 했어?
03. Hobby: What did you do on the weekend?
04. 영화: 한국 영화 보러 가실래?
04. Movie: Do you want to go to Korean movies?
05. 음식: 비빔밥을 좋아합니다.
05. Food: I like bibimbap.
06. 운동: 요즘 요가를 시작했어.
06. Exercise: I started yoga these days.
07. 화장: 화장 잘 먹었다. 너 뭐 쓰니?
07. Makeup: The makeup was Great. What do you use?
08. 날씨: 항상 비가 오는가네.
08. Weather: It's always raining.
09. 드라마: 혹시 한국드라마 '고블린' 봤어?
09. Drama: Have you seen Korean drama 'Goblin'?
10. 여행: 한국에 가 본 적이 있어?
10. Travel: Have you ever been to Korea?
11. 쇼핑: 얼마야? 한국에선 뭘 사야 하니?
11. Shopping: How much is it? What should I buy in Korea?
12. 성형: 압구정 성형병원이 너무 많다!!!
12. Plastic Surgery: Apgujeong molding hospital is too many !!!
13. 통신: 유심카드를 안 팔다고?
13. Communication: Do KOREA not sell sim-cards?
14. 인터넷: WIFI가 공짜라고???
14. Internet: WIFI is free ???
15. 연애: WHAT!! 한국인 남자친구가 생겼다고???
15. Dating: WHAT~!!! have you a Korean boyfriend ???
16. 패션: 그 구두 예쁜데? 어디서 샀니?
16. Fashion: The shoes are pretty? Where did you buy it?